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Hi! I love Broadway! And I am fortunate enough to get to see a lot of Broadway shows! So, I figured... Why not make a blog about my experiences getting to see these AMAZING shows!! Enjoy:)))


Moulin Rouge!

Posted on Nov 7 2021

Seeing Moulin Rouge was such a fun experience! The vibe of the theatre inside so cool. It's all red and just makes you feel like you are actually in the show. Before the show starts, many of the actors come out onstage in characters and walk around staring at everyone. they move very slow and also do tricks. It's very much like you are at the real Moulin Rouge. My mom and I had greats seats which was obviously a plus because we could see everything. Including the elephant set piece they had like in the movie! The whole show was so intriguing. Everyone was so talented! I had never seen the movie before I saw the show, so i didn't know the plot but after watching it, I love it!. I loved the story, and the singing, and just everything, especially the dancing. There were these insane dance numbers in the show, and they were just so much fun to watch. I overall, I had a great experience seeing Moulin Rouge on Broadway and would defintiely see it again.

Pic of Moulin Rouge set and playbill

Jagged Little Pill!

Posted on Nov 7 2021

OMG!! Jagged Little Pill was SO GOOD! My mom and I are already obsessed with with Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette, so to see it form into a musical... Obsessed! My mom and I knew basically nothing about the musical before we saw it, so it was awesome to just sit and watch something new but with the music we already know! The story was incredible. It was so deep and emotional and raw and real and so great. A show much needed for broadway, and just in general. Everyone needs to see this show. Go. right now. I'm waiting... just kidding lol (not really, GO SEE IT). This show really moves you, educates you, and is also relatable. It's filled with some talented people. Literally, there was standing ovation in the middle of the show!! Everything about it was so cool. I hope to see it again and again again...!!!

My mom and I at Jagged Little Pill Musical on Broadway